‘A Sky Beyond The Storm'(#4 in Ember Quartet) book review

Christian Commentary:

  • Occasional swear words
  • Supernatural characters (wraiths, ghuls, ghosts etc.)
  • Premarital sex
  • Murder
  • Violence


Readability: 4

Storyline: 4

Characters: 3

Read again: 4

Overall: 3.75

Sky beyond the storm, the final book in the ember quartet, has been so highly anticipated and it’s finally here! I was devastated after finishing ‘Reaper at the gates’ and realising that it would be at long wait until the rest of the story would be released. Now, after over two years of waiting, We’ve had the pleasure of finding out how the thrilling quartet concludes.


I’ll start off by saying that I was satisfied by the ending of the book, but many others won’t and don’t feel the same way. Sabaa Tahir has evolved as a writer, three books later, I found myself just as engaged in the Sky as I was in Ember, perhaps even more so. I certainly felt the urge to skip whole pages and chapters less than I did previously. The language was simple enough to understand and the pace wasn’t too slow, but unfortunately, if you’re hoping for a change in the constant push and pull uphill battle, characteristic of the rest of the series, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed. There are still as many close calls, and non-victories ; all I can say is that the struggle is real.


Despite this, the storyline in general was quite interesting, the romance however, is equal parts good and bad. A tiny spoiler: Elias loses his memories due to Mauth’s manipulation, leaving him an emotionally constipated wreck; it’s interesting to see how this impacts the role Laia plays in their ‘relationship’. I know there are many Helene fans out there, I personally am not one, but I think her pov brings some sort of balance; and as for her and Avitas, I don’t want give spoilers but I will say that I wasn’t surprised by anything. Sabaa continued to keep us on our toes until the very end.


While we’re on the topic of characters, this book made me realise just how many there are. Characters like Tas and Shan (Elias’ adoptive brother) make a reappearance which was cool. I definitely don’t think the cast of characters is overwhelming, mainly because the majority of them don’t play a big part. 

I’ve already mentioned that I’m not Helene’s biggest fan, but reading Sky solidified to me that fact that none of the characters really appeal to me. Laia’s constant do-gooder attitude is just annoying at this point and also why so many other people end up hurt. For example her need to save Helene caused Cook to sacrifice herself, just after Laia gains the knowledge of her true identity, which I guess was a crucial event for the plot but it doesn’t make her any less frustrating. Fair enough if she were the only one who gets hurt in her ‘noble’ endeavours, but the fact is that she’s not,  at it just makes me dislike her.

Helene isn’t as annoying as Laia, but she can be kind of naïve and stiff. (Sidenote: poor Avitas, my dude can never catch a break). One thing I really did enjoy though, was the beautiful friendship that bloomed between Laia and Helene. I don’t identify as a feminist or anything but GIRL POWER and all that. Elias is probably the best of the trio and there’s one particular moment between him and Laia at the end of the book that is too adorable!

You’ll be glad to know that Keris/The Commandant/The Absolute Snake gets what she deserves, but prior to that we actually do learn her backstory, and I’m sorry but, if it was meant to make me like or feel sorry for her then it failed miserably. I cared not one bit. The Nightbringer was honestly the most complex character and again we learn more of his story as well, which I cared a bit more about. Emotion wise, I felt more empathetic towards him than anyone else in this series.

Read again:

I appreciate the fact that the final battle wasn’t dragged out more than necessary and I like the way it was resolved, but man did I want to scream and shed a tear or two!

The two year gap made me grow pretty unattached to the characters, it actually took me three months to even open my package, thus if you are quite attached to all lot of them then you’re opinion of this book may be a bit different.

Overall I gave this book a 3.75, I’ll probably read it again, the ending was great and the length wasn’t excessive. A Sky Beyond the Storm is a great book and I would 100% recommend!

Have you finished the Ember Quartet yet? If so are you satisfied with how it ended? If not, are you planning to? Leave a comment below!


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