25 romance books to read on kindle unlimited this summer

This list is split into three categories: Teen/Highschool, Contemporary and Historical/Western, in addition, there are also 3 sub categories, one for each heading. These books cater to audiences from 12+ up to adult, and, with the exception of a rare few, should be clean and appropriate for all ages.

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription offered by amazon to read up to 10 books at a time for a monthly fee. The range of books available to read is almost endless, there is something for everyone. I’ve compiled a list of books that I feel are worth giving a try and adding to your TBR list this Summer. Enjoy!

All book descriptions taken from Amazon kindle website. All links and content based on UK Amazon website


The perfect score-Maggie Dallen

About the book:

Why read?: adorable opposites attract romance, lower energy/casual, quite short (173 pages).

Themes: Sport, lower-income families, character development, reputation.

Being a human cupid isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Especially now when it’s her heart on the line.

Ox might be the living definition of the strong and silent type, but Maddie knows for a fact that underneath that big, bad scowl lies an equally big heart. He deserves to love and be loved, and she’s just the girl to help him. After all, she’s basically a human love detector. She’s seen all of her friends’ true loves coming from a mile away. But Maddie has a secret, one that will ruin her reputation as the fun, carefree flirt that everybody knows and love. This cupid already lost her heart and she’s not sure she trusts herself to risk it again. Not even for a quiet giant with a heart of gold.

Ox never asked for Maddie’s help, and he definitely doesn’t want it. He keeps his distance for a reason. Or at least he did until Maddie came along. The little pixie with the brilliant smile wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to being his friend, and now it seems she’s just as determined to find him a girlfriend. But how to tell her that he doesn’t want just any girl. He only wants her.

Dear Adam-Kelsie Stelting

About the book:

Why read?: good character development, representation, not too political.

Themes: Character diversity, ambition, packed plot.

What happens when the bad boy takes over the school advice column?


I have the perfect life. 

At least, that’s what my thug project partner thinks. He keeps saying I’m a privileged white girl who’s never had to get her hands dirty, but with my dad running for governor, reputation is everything. 

I can’t let him – or anyone – know I’m drowning under the pressure. Which is why the anonymous advice columnist at school is perfect.

I get some advice, and no one knows it’s me.  


The last thing I should be doing is giving advice. My dad’s in prison, my mom’s buried under his credit card debt, and me? I’m one wrong move from getting kicked out of school. 

So when the guidance counselor gives me two options, anonymously take over the school’s advice column or fail my senior year, what choice do I really have? 

They should have picked my project partner, Little Miss Perfect. 

Instead, they got me.

Girl at heart-Kelly Oram

About the book:

Why read?: amazing plot, full of likeable characters, the most adorable romance.

Themes: Self-discovery, baseball, friendship.

As the daughter of a successful Major League pitcher, Charlie Hastings has baseball in her blood. Unfortunately, being the only girl on her high school baseball team, Charlie has always been just one of the guys.

When her best friend, and secret love of her life, asks another girl to the prom, Charlie is devastated. She’s tired of being overlooked by boys because she’s not like other girls. Suffering a massive identity crisis, she decides to hang up her cleats and finally learn how to be a girl.

But with only two weeks until the state championships, the Roosevelt High Ravens can’t afford to lose their star catcher. Team captain Jace King makes her a deal: Don’t quit the team, and he’ll help her become the girl she’s so desperate to be. After all, he’s got four sisters, one of whom happens to be a cheerleader. He knows a thing or two about girls. (And if he can win her heart in the process, all the better.)”

The Path we Take-Kylie Key

About the book:

Why read?: very sweet story, not a typical highschool romance, multi-dimensional characters.

Themes: Physical deformity, overcoming stereotypes, immaturity, hope.

He’s alone
He’s tattooed
He’s badly burnt
He’s fighting for his life

A knee injury turns my world upside down,
putting my gymnastics scholarship in doubt.
As I wait for surgery, I’m persuaded into volunteering
to help with my college applications.
The boy called Spider has no family nearby

and faces many months in hospital.
They think my visits will help with his recovery,
give him something to look forward to,
help him heal.
But they’re wrong.
I don’t help Spider.
He helps me,
The boy who has nothing to live for
Ends up giving me everything to live for.

First: Get caught-Crystal Liechty

About the book:

Why read?: an interesting twist, dramatic but not too serious, loveable friendships.

Themes: Deception, harmless obsessing, the rich vs the normal, family issues.

“Abigail Bean’s leather-bound journal is quickly filling up with all things Ben Song, but she has no intention of doing anything about her feelings. She knows there’s no chance the most sought-after boy in her grade would be into her, but the doodles and daydreams serve as a mindless distraction from her parent’s recent divorce.

Though Pruitt Preparatory Academy is a small boarding school, valedictorian Ben Song doesn’t know Abigail exists—until he stumbles upon her journal. Sure, he’s a little creeped out. But he’s also curious about this girl who draws so beautifully. He becomes more intrigued when she stands up to his snobby friends while studiously ignoring him. Is this the same person tracking every detail of his life? If so, how can she pretend he doesn’t exist?
Determined to solve the Abigail puzzle, Ben texts her as the imaginary Prescott Abernathy, promising to return her journal if she follows Prescott’s orders: starting with crashing Ben’s table at lunch.”

Sub headingSeries:

Sweet Mountain High,Year 2 Series-Kelly Oram

About the book:

Why read?: well-developed story, cute romance, character development.

Themes (in this book): theatre, anxiety, kissing (this word comes up a lot)?.

It’s just a stage kiss. 

Nothing More. 

Tell that to my wobbly knees, sweaty palms, and racing heart!


All I was trying to do was get out of my comfort zone. One tiny little New Year’s resolution, and suddenly I’m the center of attention in the auditorium, ready to puke. This was not the goal. Neither was having Alder Hendricks, the biggest crush of my life, looking at me so mouthwateringly. Well, he’s pretending to look at me that way. It’s his role in the play. But he sure is good at it.  

It’s just a play, June. But remember, boys can’t be trusted.

How can I keep him at arm’s length when we’re supposed to kiss on stage?


Everything in my life has been according to plan. I’ve got the perfect grades, perfect running time, and the lead role in the upcoming play. I just need the talent scout coming on opening night to see my best performance. Should be no problem.

Enter stage left, June Thomas, the new lead acting across from me. She’s clearly never done this before, and after her disaster of an audition, I realize all my plans could go up in flames. And not the good kind. How are we supposed to create an on-stage kiss full of sigh-worthy chemistry when she can’t be within three feet of me without flinching?

It’s just a play, Alder. Just get her to trust you.

But what will happen once I earn that trust? There may be no going back . . .

Get ready for a performance so spectacular . . . it might just be real. 

Description taken from Book #5 ‘My Stage-Kiss Crush’

The Curvy girl Club series (Books 1,2,3&6)– Kelsie Stelting

About the books:

Why read?: a range of unique and interesting couples, promotes positive body images, a strong sense of friendship/sisterhood.

Themes: Being plus sized, bullying, social divides.

Curvy girls deserve happily ever afters too.

I’m a big girl, “plus-sized,” whatever. I’m sick of hearing about it, especially since my doctor diagnosed me with PCOS. So when Mean Girl Merritt shot her mouth off about how fat people should just lose weight, I couldn’t take it anymore.

And now I’ve got a huge problem. To prove curvy girls like me can get happily-ever-afters too, I have to get our school’s quarterback, Beckett Langley, to take me to homecoming. And he doesn’t know I even exist.

But it’s not hopeless. Four other girls just like me are willing to help, because enough is enough.

I will not lose this bet.

Description taken from Book #1 ‘Curvy Girls Can’t Date Quarterbacks’

Love is a Triathlon trilogy-Chrissy Q. Martin

About the book:

Why read?: really likeable main character, great friendships, the best love triangle I’ve read.

Themes: Sports/competition, rivalries, jealousy, friendship.

♥One girl. Two boys. Three trimesters of school. Who will win?♥

Ash Stampford is a shy girl with a plan: defend her state swimming title and graduate valedictorian. But she doesn’t plan on getting swept away by a flood of distractions and crippling anxiety.

A new rival in the pool is a bigger challenge than she expects. Then Dylan, a popular and gorgeous swimmer, seems to set his sights on Ash. To avoid being the target of jealous girls and forget her crush on Paul, Ash dates Dylan in secret. But with her place on the team in jeopardy and rumors swirling, Ash feels like she’s swimming upstream. Ash will have to dive deep to prove she can swim under the obstacles in her way, even if it means sacrificing her original plans.

Description taken from Book #1 ‘Swimming Upstream’


Show me a Marriage of Convenience– Alexa Verde

About the book:

Why read?: cute but messy romance, a unique and backwards-type marriage of convenience.

Themes: Family issues, distrust, negative body image.

An ex-player cowboy with a little son, the boy’s shy plus-size aunt, and a reluctant modern marriage of convenience only the boy is excited about… A sweet, clean, wholesome romance with a happily-ever-after!

After three near-death experiences in one day-okay, maybe burning dinner and falling from a tree shouldn’t count-Kade Clark worries about his son’s future if he’s not around to protect him. The last thing he wants is for his son to become a bargaining chip between a con artist grandfather and a ruthless ex trying to get their hands on the family fortune. So Kade agrees to a crazy proposal from the woman his child adores. But as a former foster kid, Kade learned to walk away before getting hurt. Can he now learn to stay and love?

Heather Johnson dreams of a real marriage with the man her sister abandoned, not a fake one. But the rumor is Kade might leave their small town again and take her darling nephew with him. She’s reluctant to trust a womanizer-husband or not. If she allows love for him to ignite her heart, will her marshmallow-soft heart become roasted and burned?

The Match-Sarah Adams

About the book:

Why read?: full of amazing characters, lots of humour, well written with great pacing.

Themes: Living with disability (epilepsy), single parenting, family and financial problems.

Having worked for Southern Service Paws for a few years now, I like to think I’m prepared for just about any client meeting under the sun. I am dead wrong.
The day I meet with single dad, Jacob Broaden, about potentially matching his daughter with one of our service dogs, I learn a few valuable lessons.

1) Always set my alarm clock.
2) Single dads are way hotter than I previously thought.
3) It is possible to go from fantasizing about kissing someone to wishing they would be run over by a truck in a matter of two minutes.
Unfortunately, I don’t hold that opinion of him for very long. Not when he shows me a different side of himself–one that’s sweet as maple syrup and hot as apple pie fresh out of the oven. Too bad this guy is so far out of my league that I shouldn’t even be allowed to enter the game. Jake doesn’t seem to get that memo though. And after a few days of working closely with him and his daughter, he starts looking at me with fire in his eyes, making me dream of something I probably shouldn’t…
A family.

Ewan Dalkieth-Jasmine Carter

About the book:

Why read?: short, slow-burn romance, not too much drama.

Themes: Toxic relationships, BWWM, blended family.

After her long-term boyfriend kicks her out of the apartment, Olivia finds herself alone and pregnant, with no money and only a suitcase of clothes.

Now she is wandering the streets, with nowhere to go!

Billionaire Ewan Dalkeith is driving when he sees a petite woman faint and fall to the ground…

And his instincts tell him to immediately stop and help her!

It’s like a fairy tale come true for Olivia: he saves her life and gives her whatever she wants…

And their friendship blossoms almost instantly.

But when Olivia realizes she is in love with Ewan she thinks he’s way out of her league…

Especially now that Ewan is suddenly distancing himself from her!

With her baby due any day, will Ewan be there when she needs him the most?

Or will Olivia find herself all alone once again?

Worth the Wait-Cindy Kirk

About the book:

Why read?: full of amazing characters, lots of humour, well written with great pacing.

Themes: single parenting, family, grief, unrequited love.

“She’s not his for keeps…unless his love is forever

After spending the last three years making a comfortable home for handsome widower, Dan Major, Amy Logan finds herself at a crossroads. With a thirtieth birthday on the horizon, the nanny faces tough choices about her future. Simply being Dan’s employee is no longer enough.

The realization that he might lose Amy has Dan romancing her, then proposing marriage. Amy is stunned and thrilled by the proposal until she realizes he didn’t mention love. Dan is an honorable man and won’t promise more than he can give.

Not until Amy moves out does Dan realize she’s taken his heart with her. Now he has to find a way to show her his love is real…before it’s too late.

Looking for a heartwarming romance that will keep you turning the page and leave you with a smile on your face? You’ve come to the right place! This sweet story is sure to uplift, inspire and delight you. Grab your copy now and let this fabulous romance warm your heart today!”

Sub headingChristian:

The Cake List-Dianne J.Wilson

About the book:

Why read?: depicts the normal everyday life of a Christian, beautiful friendships, slow-burn romance.

Themes: Dance, faith, friendship.

Do Something Brave.
Do Something Selfless.
Do Something Kind.
Break a Never.
Stop an Always.
Figure out God.

“Some people write a bucket list, you know… things they want to do and tick off before they die. Honestly? Dying doesn’t seem half as scary as the big-O birthday that’s hunting me down. So I’ve made my own list. Things I want to do and tick off before I eat that birthday cake. So far, it’s not going too well.”

Fresh from a spectacular break-up and faced with a looming big-O birthday, Meg throws her cautious nature aside and signs up for dance classes. Little does she know that Ballroom will stretch more than just her muscles.
Between the charming dance instructor and his secrets, her grumpy neighbour and a fish that can’t swim straight, Meg’s list seems doomed from the start.

Heart-felt and funny, Meg’s list-crossing quest takes her so far out of her comfort zone, she may never find her way back.

The Entrepreneur’s Nurse-Rose Fresquez

About the book:

Why read?: a refreshing tale based in Uganda, faith filled, sweet and wholesome romantic tale.

Themes: Foreign cultures, faith, God’s calling, successful businessmen.

“His trip to Africa is strictly business. Her attraction to a tourist is a prescription for heartbreak.

As a successful entrepreneur, Brady Sharp is all about profit. His trip to Uganda is to strike a deal and get back to his life in NewYork. But when he falls off a motorcycle taxi and misses the meeting and his flight, the only thing he’s grateful for is the nurse who comes to his rescue.

Being the sole owner of the only clinic in a Kampala suburb, Ruth runs a tight shift. After she stitches an incoherent tourist she rescues from the roadside, she doesn’t expect to see the white man again, until he shows up to her clinic to ask her out on a date—too bad, she has patients to treat in the village.

As they work side by side in a small african village, Ruth’s selflessness makes Brady question everything he believed important. Each day spent with her creates a deeper attraction—a threat to his long-term goals of becoming the next billionaire.

Can Brady and Ruth pursue a long distance relationship? At some point, they must make a conflicting choice: pursue their careers or take a chance on love.”

The Doctor’s Nanny-Rose Fresquez

About the book:

Why read?: a story of tragedy and how God can transform situations, imperfect and relatable characters, satisfying ending.

Themes: Grief, family, jealousy.

He’s about to propose to the woman of his dreams when he meets the love of his life.

As a successful neurosurgeon about to propose to his gorgeous girlfriend, Ryan Harper has the perfect life. When his sister and brother-in-law die in a tragic car accident, he suddenly becomes a single dad to his orphaned niece and nephews. A sixty-hour workweek with a houseful of children is a lot to juggle, and he desperately needs help.

When Destiny Brown finds herself out of work, she takes a job as a temporary live-in nanny. Despite her lack of experience, she’s certain she can handle four kids. Fighting her attraction to her handsome boss, however, is going to require some extra training.

While all his spare time should be on connecting with his girlfriend, Destiny’s love and devotion to his family is working its way into his heart. Every conversation, every interaction, every heated glance across the table, might be a step closer to his destiny—until his best friend starts pursuing Destiny.

Ryan can do one of two things: confess his feelings to his employee, or suffer in silence and let fate take its course.” 

Arranged-Trisha Grace

About the book:

Why read?: a beautiful story of redemption, an inspirational female male character, well-written and paced.

Themes: Adultery, physical disability, stalking/kidnapping, familial neglect.

“Arranged marriage in the twenty-first century. What could go wrong?


Hayley Espel has been told her whole life that she will be marrying Julian Nicholson. Their parents started Espel and Nicholson Holdings, and their union will only strengthen the company. Hayley doesn’t care about the business. She’s been in love with Julian for as long as she can remember. She would marry him even if he didn’t have a single cent to his name.

Julian, however, hates being arm-twisted into marrying Hayley. He will never trust an Espel, and he makes it clear to Hayley that he couldn’t care less about their marriage vows.

Heartbroken, Hayley is ready to walk away.

But one moment is all it takes to dismantle Julian’s and Hayley’s perfect lives. Can Hayley and Julian’s already frail marriage survive all that lies ahead of them?”


The Last eligible Bachelor-Ashtyn Newbold

About the book:

Why read?: likable main characters, lots of humorous/light hearted moments, a beautiful ending.

Themes: Deception, wealth and poverty, regency romance.

“A ruse can only last so long…

Tillie Sherbrooke was born a lady, but lost her place in society by her father’s folly. Quiet, resourceful, and loyal, she now makes the perfect lady’s maid for her mistress Sophia. When Sophia’s parents give her no choice but to travel across England to be matched with a mysterious young bachelor, Mr. Hill, she has no interest, especially since there are several other ladies vying for him. Who better to send in her place than Tillie? What gentleman would notice a maid, even one disguised as a lady? So when Sophia asks this favor of Tillie, or rather—threatens her into it, Tillie must rely on her past, the life of a proper lady, if she hopes to keep her position at Sedgwick Manor.

Disguised as her mistress, Tillie takes a coach across the country to a new place, one both unfamiliar and frightening. With so much at stake, she does all she can to stay quiet and invisible. But when she inadvertently catches Mr. Hill’s attention, she realizes she may have more to lose than her livelihood. She may very well lose her heart.”

Love comes softly-Janette Oke

About the book:

Why read?: very good choice for a casual/slow read, a beautiful story of finding family and faith.

Themes: Grief, family, faith, living in a western community.

Love Comes Softly introduced the characters of Marty and Clark Davis, whose tragic circumstances brought them to a “marriage of convenience” on the frontier prairies during the mid 1800s. The story of how Clark’s patient, caring love mirrored that of the heavenly Father, drawing Marty to faith and to love, has captured the hearts and imaginations of over one million readers on Book One alone!”

Bethany’s Baby-Elaine Manders

About the book:

Why read?: emotionally engaging story, a sweet young marriage of obligation/convenience, beauty formed from tragedy.

Themes: Mail-order bride, death and childbirth, family and friendship.

“Sweet, inspiring historical romance with heart-wrenching twists.
Former nanny, Bethany Jamison goes west as a mail-order bride to escape a lecherous employer who threatens to expose her part in a past tragedy. When she arrives in Wyoming, she’s shocked to find her prospective groom, Joseph Milner, caring for a desperately ill newborn, abandoned by her father when her mother, Joseph’s sister, died in childbirth.
Since he’s alone on his ranch, he insists the marriage take place immediately, but in name only. Bethany agrees, hoping to gain time to plan her future, but she quickly loses her heart to the infant clinging to life by a thread—and her new husband.
Can their faith and mutual love for this tiny baby keep them together, or will outside forces destroy them all?

An uninvited Bride for the Cowboy’s Heart-Lydia Olson

About the book:

Why read?: another tale of how terrible situations can be moulded into forming an amazing blended family.

Themes: Family, parenting, grief, mail-order brides.

She becomes his mail-order bride – but she wasn’t invited by him. He becomes her husband out of duty. How will they find each other souls amidst trials?

Velma is a kind-hearted woman who has experienced heartbreak. Although she works hard, after the loss of her beloved husband, falling into poverty is inevitable. With no other choice, she replies to a mail-order bride ad. Love is not what she’s looking for, but rather a sense of stability. When she meets Charles, everything changes. How can he mend her broken heart?

Charles is a lonely rancher and a widower. His sister Martha not only helps him with the workload but also takes care of his little boy. He doesn’t try to connect with his son and dwells too much on the past. Martha has had enough and places an ad for him. When Velma arrives, Charles will be conflicted by his unexpected feelings for her. How can she help him heal his scars and connect with his child?

Both of them, will have to abandon their fears, trust their hearts, and give love a second chance. But Charles’ past at the saloon where he used to spend so much time comes back to haunt him. How will they find each other’s hearts when their honor is in danger?”

Sub headingOld testament:

In the Shadow of Sinai-Carole Towriss

About the book:

Why read?: unique and interesting character perspectives, a complicated romance, recounts both before and during the plagues of Exodus, as well as the time spent in the desert.

Themes: The book of Exodus, identity, God’s calling.

“Bezalel is a Hebrew slave to Ramses II. An artisan of the highest order, Ramses has kept him in the palace even when all other Israelites have been banned. Bezalel blames El Shaddai for isolating him from his people.

When Moses and Aaron appear one summer, and El Shaddai shakes Egypt to its core, Bezalel must reexamine his anger. Over the course of the next year, Bezalel’s life becomes intertwined with those of an Egyptian child-slave, the captain of the guard, and especially a beautiful young concubine.

When spring arrives, all of them escape with the young nation of Israel. But that’s only the beginning…”

Sold into Freedom-Carole Towriss

About the book:

Why read?: compels you to think of the struggles of people in the Roman empire, including the apostle Paul and those in his ministry. A touching fictional romance.

Themes: The Roman empire, slavery, demon possession, Paul’s ministry.

“Taught to hear messages from the goddess from a young age, Elantia’s life is shattered when she is captured from her home in southwest Britannia and sold as a slave in Macedonia. She wants nothing more than to escape and return home—after she kills the man who took the only good thing left in her life.

Tossed aside by the Empire, wounded tribune Quintus Valerius ends up in sleepy Philippi to retire. Manipulated into becoming the prison keeper, he vows to return to Rome as soon as possible to reclaim his reputation and his life. He is intrigued by the quiet Jewish teacher who speaks of truth and peace, but is convinced he can never have either.

When Elantia’s shocking actions shake up the town and her life is threatened, Quintus risks what little he has left to save her—only to put Paulos and his friends in even greater danger.”

Counted with the Stars-Connilyn Cossette

About the book:

Why read?: a detailed recount from the perspective of an Egyptian slave, shows how God’s love brings redemption, a slow-burn romance.

Themes: The book of Exodus, family, love.

A Story of Love, Desperation, and Hope During a Great Biblical Epoch

Sold into slavery by her father and forsaken by the man she was supposed to marry, young Egyptian Kiya must serve a mistress who takes pleasure in her humiliation. When terrifying plagues strike Egypt, Kiya is in the middle of it all.

To save her older brother and escape the bonds of slavery, Kiya flees with the Hebrews during the Great Exodus. She finds herself utterly dependent on a fearsome God she’s only just beginning to learn about, and in love with a man who despises her people. With everything she’s ever known swept away, will Kiya turn back toward Egypt or surrender her life and her future to Yahweh?”

Wings of the Wind-Connilyn Cossette

About the book:

Why read?: lovely style of writing, full of thrilling adventure, great relationships with some light humour.

Themes: Women’s hardships, war, corruption, God’s plan

Cossette Consistently Brings the Old Testament to Life in an Engrossing, Fresh New Way

Alanah, a Canaanite, is no stranger to fighting and survival. When her family is killed in battle with the Hebrews, she disguises herself and sneaks onto the battlefield to avenge her family. The one thing she never counted on was surviving.

Tobiah, a Hebrew warrior, is shocked to find an unconscious, wounded woman among the Canaanite casualties. Compelled to bring her to a Hebrew healer back at their camp, he is soon confronted with a truth he can’t ignore: the only way to protect this enemy is to marry her.

Unused to being weak and vulnerable, Alanah submits to the marriage–for now. As she comes to know and respect Tobiah and his people, however, she begins to second-guess her plans of escape. But when her past has painfully unanticipated consequences, the tentative peace she’s found with Tobiah, the Hebrews, and Yahweh is shaken to the core. Can Alanah’s fierce heart and strength withstand the ensuing threats to her life and all she’s come to love?”

Shelter of the Most High-Connilyn Cossette

About the book:

Why read?: Connilyn Cossette’s books are just the best, an inspirational tale of a perilous journey, a sweet romance with a big language barrier.

Themes: Murder, redemption, war, corruption, hope.

“The daughter of a pagan high priest, Sofea finds solace from her troubles in the freedom of the ocean. But when marauders attack her village on the island of Sicily, she and her cousin are taken across the sea to the shores of Canaan.

Eitan has lived in Kedesh, a City of Refuge, for the last eleven years, haunted by a tragedy in his childhood and chafing at the boundaries placed on him. He is immediately captivated by Sofea, but revealing his most guarded secret could mean drawing her into the danger of his past.

As threats from outside the walls loom and traitors are uncovered within, Sofea and Eitan are plunged into the midst of a murder plot. Will they break free from the shackles of the past in time to uncover the betrayal and save their lives and the lives of those they love?”

I sincerely hope you’ll give these title a try; if you do, give me your honest feedback. I’d love to hear what you think, Leave A Comment or send me a message through direct message or email! Thanks for reading 🙂


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