‘The Winner’s’ Trilogy Review

Christian Commentary:

  • Premarital sex
  • Murder
  • Violence
  • Gay ‘main’ character


Readability: 4.5

Storyline: 4

Character: 4.5

Read again: 4

Overall: 4.25

I discovered this trilogy at just the right time, it restored my love for YA books, and reminded me that I shouldn’t read books just for the sake of it, but because I genuinely enjoy every chapter; every page.


A really great touch was the switching of perspective every couple paragraphs in more intense parts of the third book. For people with short attention spans like me, it really helps to keep the interest. This did mean that there were a lot of cliff hanger-like moments but they would literally only last for less than a page.


The trilogy started out with Kestrel a Valerian general’s daughter living a privileged life in Herran, a land that her people, led by her father, had conquered,  and she ends up unwillingly buying a Herrani slave named Arin. Long story short, they end up falling in long with each other which you’d probably guessed anyway, but he ends up betraying her trust. A lot goes on in this trilogy but the pacing is on the slower side; at times, because of a certain misunderstanding, the ever building tension was quite frustrating.

Nobody dies in this book, nobody you’d care about anyway which is neither a good nor bad thing in terms of the plot.


I won’t go into details about what exactly happens but Kestrel is basically pressured to join the military by her father because she’s insanely smart , and this is what the love the most about her as a character. Dumb or naïve female main characters is a trope that is overdone and maddening, hence why Kestrel and the book itself were so refreshing. This trilogy contains a lot of really cute moments between an understandably conflicted Kestrel and a super-whipped Arin.

Arin is a bit gullible which is emphasised in the second book of the trilogy, and Kestrel’s nobility did not help matters. The two of them in tandem made me want to throw my phone across the room (A/N I was reading the ebook version). As for the other characters in these books:  her father is a snake (there just always has to be a snake), the valerian prince is pretty cool and so is Arin’s cousin, Mazen is intense and those are the only characters I’ll mention for this review.

But, oh yeah. I didn’t like the queen. She sucked.

And now the star of the show: Javelin. That horse has been through a lot, and would probably ask for a raise if he could. He certainly deserves it.

Is there character development? Not really. Is it a good trilogy anyway? Definitely.

Read again?:

It isn’t too intense of a series and although the tension can be simply aggravating , you could definitely push through it, to the less frustrating parts. However, this is just my opinion, some people may like the tension whereas I lack patience. I’d read this trilogy again, but I’d also do some skipping over. Nevertheless 100% recommended read!

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