About Me

Christian, Caribbean, Bookworm


I’m Jaid, a black, London-born-and-raised, introverted pastor’s kid who happens to have an unhealthy obsession with reading books.
I’m currently a student , but I’ve loved books since I was in the single digits and thought Goliath was pronounced ‘Go-lee-ath’. My former hobby spiralled into an uncontrollable addiction after the arrival of the 2020 pandemic, and I surpassed my initial goal of reading 30 books that year by at least 4 times.

My Christianity is a huge part of my life and so it greatly influences what I allow myself to read, what I don’t read, and why. Trying to reconcile my love for YA books and my love of Christ is increasingly difficult. I created this blog to share my past mistakes and regrets for people who share similar interests; my current obsessions and books I strongly dislike; but also to hold myself accountable in future decisions.

I plan to cover both popular and unheard of Christian and non-Christian fiction, and share my recommendations and opinions, making sure to include my take on things from a Christian perspective.

Feel free to share yours too!